Welcome to deeGDK

I have begun development on the GDK. When looking at creating a game development kit, I saw that numerous tools were needed simply to get started. So in order to create a comprehensive suite I decided to create the tools needed for game development of 2D and 3D followed by ap API to bring them all together.

I am planning to release the tools in the order I expect they might be the most useful individually. My intent is that each tool will be usesable standalone or within the GDK. So here is my intended release plans for the GDK.

deeTOE - an order of battle editor that outputs the OB to a standard XML format

deeMAP - a map editor that provides for creating game board tiles and information in XML

deeAPI - the glue that brings it all together

I will not be creating an image editor since I plan to support png, jpeg, gif and tif formats. There are many image editors available.